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Each year during March, the Great Lakes Region (GLR) of the American Hosta Society hosts a gathering of approximately 360 enthusiastic gardeners from the Midwest and other parts of the US, Canada, and even Europe. This gathering is called Hosta College, and it takes place at Upper Valley Career Center in Piqua, Ohio.

Hosta College begins on Friday night with several different activities from which participants can choose. The vending area offers a large selection of plants (even though it may be snowing outside!), garden accessories, tools, and other garden-related merchandise for shoppers. The Bookstore features gardening books at fantastic discounts, stationery, and other Hosta College souvenirs. The auditorium and other areas provide slide presentations, talks by gardening experts, and opportunities to socialize with new and old friends from Hosta College. An auction of rare and unusual plants will be held on Friday evening. On Saturday, following a brief period for shopping in the Vending or Bookstore, classes begin at 8:40 a.m. Students attend 5 classes they have chosen from a program of over 70 classes taught by a faculty of approximately 50 volunteers. Mid-day each student has lunch from a delicious buffet included in the registration fee. At the end of the day students take a brief break and then return for a banquet and talk that concludes the Hosta College experience.

Persons who belong to one of the local societies with membership in the Great Lakes Region

receive preferential registration and a reduced registration fee.        

($42 registration fee for members, $55 registration fee for non-members)

If you would like to preplan your Hosta College registration, click on the Class Listing link below. You can then preview and print out a listing of classes.

For a listing of activities at Hosta College, click the Announcements link below.  A list of the Auction Plants is also available on the Announcements Page.

Dates for the 2017 Hosta College
March 17- 18, 2017

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