Hosta College Class Listing - 2019

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Class ID: 1001 Title: All About Hostas
Details: If you are just discovering the amazing world of hostas, then this class is for you! Geared for the beginning hosta gardener, we will cover very basic information about hostas, answering questions such as, What is a hosta? How do I get hostas for my garden? and, how do I plant, fertilize and mulch hostas? We will discuss watering techniques and problems such as slugs, deer, crown rot, Hosta Virus X and nematodes. We will also cover tips for growing them BIG…REALLY BIG! Class notes are provided with the presentation.
Instructor: Don Rawson Maximum Enrollment: 30
Bio: Don lives on four acres near Grand Rapids, Michigan. He and his wife have many flower gardens in which they grow hostas, irises, daylilies and other perennials. Don enjoys hybridizing new hosta cultivars and rock hounding...which explains why his landscape is filled with many one-of-a-kind hostas, as well as, unusual rocks and boulders. Don currently serves as the president of the West Michigan Hosta Society and the co-chairman of the Nomenclature Committee of the American Hosta Society.
Class ID: 1002 Title: Conifers 102: More Dwarf, Unusual and Witches Brooms
Details: This PowerPoint will guide you through the knowing and growing of great conifers. We will also see conifers of all shapes, sizes and colors to add interest to any garden—even your hosta garden. We will also discuss witches brooms and show more new, wonderful dwarf conifers.
Instructor: Bob Iiames Maximum Enrollment: 52
Bio: Bob is a groundskeeper at the 173-acre Lange Estate in Ludlow Falls,Ohio. He is a member of the American Conifer Society and current president of the Miami Valley Hosta Society.
Class ID: 1003 Title: Making your Own Stepping Stones
Details: STEPPING STONES are essential to the garden. They are not only functional, but also can be used to decorate your garden. Why not create your own stepping stones! Making your own is easy and inexpensive. In this workshop, we will be making a basic simple square or round stepping stone. We will talk about & share different options for making them and creative ideas for decorating them. If you or a friend have a fun or unique stepping stone, please bring it with you to the workshop for " SHOW & TELL " All materials are provided, as well as, gloves & face masks. Be prepared for some of the messiness that is part of this fun craft.
Instructor: Marilyn Ruff Maximum Enrollment: 20 FULL
Bio: Marilyn bought her first hostas 20 years ago this year and now has over 550. Her HUGE obsession is with MINIATURE hostas, of which she has almost 150. She grows most of her miniature hostas in pots & troughs which is why she started making the hypertufa troughs. This past summer she moved. She dug, potted and moved all of her hostas to her new 129 year old farm house in Marshallville, Ohio. So right now all of her hostas are growing in containers!
Fees: $8.00
Class ID: 1004 Title: Bonsai Workshop I - 2 Hour Class
Details: NOVICE: Create a bonsai houseplant with your own hands!  Each of 8 participants will receive a tropical pre-bonsai Natal Plum, a 7" ceramic pot, an 8" bonsai scissors, a 7" concave branch cutter, five spools of bonsai wire,  bonsai soil, and guidance by an instructor from the Ann Arbor Bonsai Society to style their tree by trimming, wiring, and re-potting into a fine houseplant.  Cost of materials; $75 per student.  Each student will receive a 6 page primer via Email to study before the class so that they may absorb the classroom instructions faster and more completely. THIS 2+ HOUR CLASS MAY RUN OVERTIME INTO THE LUNCH PERIOD. CLASS WILL BE A COMBINATION OF WORKSHOP I AND WORKSHOP II STUDENTS- 8 TOTAL STUDENTS.
Instructor: William Struhar Maximum Enrollment: 7
Fees: $75.00 Requires: 2004
Class ID: 1005 Title: Bonsai Workshop II - 2 Hour Class
Details: EXPERIENCED - PEOPLE WHO HAVE TAKEN THIS CLASS BEFORE AND WILL PROVIDE THEIR OWN TOOLS & WIRE: Create a bonsai houseplant with your own hands! Each experienced participant will receive a tropical pre-bonsai Natal Plum, a 7" ceramic pot, and soil for repotting this tree. All students will receive guidance by an instructor from the Ann Arbor Bonsai Society to style their tree by trimming, wiring, and re-potting into a fine houseplant. All will receive a 6 page primer via Email to study before the class so that they may absorb the classroom instructions faster and more completely. THIS 2+ HOUR CLASS MAY RUN OVERTIME INTO THE LUNCH PERIOD. THIS CLASS COMBINES NOVICE AND EXPERIENCED STUDENTS - 8 TOTAL STUDENTS.
Instructor: William Struhar Maximum Enrollment: 4
Fees: $35.00 Requires: 2005
Class ID: 1006 Title: Secrets of Shade
Details: Together we will look at the “many shades of shade”. There is a very special beauty and essence that can only be found under the majestic green canopy. Let’s take a peaceful walk beneath the trees and discover more than we thought we knew.
Instructor: Sandy Wilkins Maximum Enrollment: 31
Bio: Sandy, a long time shade gardener, has held many offices in local and national Garden and Hosta groups. She is the Mother of the Hosta College and now enjoys sharing her two great loves: gardening and teaching Bible Studies.
Class ID: 1007 Title: Advanced Hosta Hybridizing 2018 - Beauty vs Weirdness
Details: Distinctness is usually the number one trait that is demanded for a new hosta. We will discuss what this means for hybridizers. Is unusual more important than beautiful? Must every new hosta look uniquely different and how different? What are the paths to creating distinct hostas?
Instructor: Bob Solberg Maximum Enrollment: 30
Bio: Bob, owner of Green Hill Farm Inc. one of the leading introducers of great new hostas, hosta hybridizer of over 100 introductions, nationally known speaker on all things hosta; Publisher of the "Green Hill Gossip" and the "Gossip Jr."; Co-founder of the American Hosta Growers Association and current board member, Dixie Regional Director, and American Hosta Society Historian.
Class ID: 1008 Title: Monarch Butterfly: North America’s Ambassador
Details: The Monarch butterfly population has been in a steady decline – but are we starting to see results from our recovery efforts? Discover more about this creature’s fascinating life cycle, its migration, the current status of the population, and how this “Pollinator Ambassador” is bringing together people from across North America and making a big difference for many of its fellow pollinators.
Instructor: Ruth Bowell Maximum Enrollment: 30
Bio: Ruth is a monarch butterfly citizen scientist who has had a passion for and has been learning about monarchs since childhood. She has created and certified her home backyard in Troy, Ohio which provides habitat for monarchs, pollinators and many other native wildlife species.
Class ID: 1009 Title: Let's Talk Hosta-The Big Picture
Details: This class offers basic tips for achieving hosta gardening success. Marcia will give simple suggestions pertaining to "the whats, whys and wherefores" of growing hosta and she will share her secrets with the belief that small details make a big difference.
Instructor: Marcia Sully Maximum Enrollment: 29 FULL
Bio: Marcia, an avid gardener for over thirty years, maintaining a collection of over 1,200 hostas, opens her garden to the public every July. She offers hosta presentations to area garden societies and actively sits on the boards of three of the four hosta societies she belongs to, including the American Hosta Society
Class ID: 1010 Title: The History of Botanical Latin and Meaning Hidden Within
Details: An interesting history of how the current binomial system of Latin plant names was created. Why are those odd names given to each plant and do they have any specific meanings. Why is Latin still being used today?
Instructor: Katrina Smith Maximum Enrollment: 35
Bio: Katrina's background is as a Horticulturist, Author, Researcher, Photographer and Teaching Assistant. She has worked with the UCLA Landscape Architecture program for 13 years and El Camino College Horticulture program for 7 years. The plant ID books she has written were used at UCLA and in the industry to expand their plant palette and knowledge of plants standards.
Class ID: 1011 Title: How Do They Get That Weird Plant?- 2 Hour Class
Details: A "Make it and Take it" class! Find out the how’s and whys of grafting and then make (2) deciduous plants and (2) evergreen plants in class. It might be helpful to bring an apron and/or an old towel as this class involves plants and dirt. Power point presentation, videos, color handout and instructor attention make this class informative and fun!
Instructor: Leslie & Dave Dannaher Maximum Enrollment: 15
Bio: Dannaher Landscaping & Nursery is a small family owned and operated business located in Galena, OH. Started by Dave in 1978, he was joined by his wife Leslie in 1980 and both have degrees from The Ohio State University in Horticulture.
Fees: $32.00 Requires: 2011
Class ID: 1012 Title: Those Other Less Common Fruit Bearing Plants
Details: Most people don’t try what they aren’t familiar with. Everyone, or most everyone is familiar with fruits like apples, pears, cherries, blueberries and raspberries, but what about lesser known fruit plants like bush cherries, medlars, shipova, goji berries and pawpaw? This session will cover 24 of the lesser known fruiting plants and their care, including which are hardy for outdoor planting and which taste good straight off the plant or require processing to bring out their full flavor profile. Sun or shade, a superfood high in antioxidants or a great addition to a planting for supplying soft mast to wildlife, there is probably an uncommon fruit that will suit your need, especially if you like the uncommon or unusual.
Instructor: Elizabeth Wahle Maximum Enrollment: 25
Bio: Elizabeth Wahle is a Commercial Agriculture Extension Educator for University of Illinois Extension. She provides leadership in food crop horticulture research and Extension programs, with an emphasis in commercial fruit, vegetable and horseradish production.
Class ID: 1013 Title: Tip Toes Through the Garden
Details: Come join Dorothy as you stroll through the garden. Using recyclable and everyday items she will give you some helpful tips to solve your problems and decorate your garden.
Instructor: Dorothy Julius Maximum Enrollment: 25
Bio: Dorothy is an avid gardener and award winning floral designer using natural material. For 16 years Dorothy and her husband had a home-based Floral & Nature Craft business specializing in Pressed Flower & Leaf Designs, jewelry and stationary items.
Requires: 221
Class ID: 1014 Title: Nature's Art in the Garden
Details: An Eye-candy PowerPoint presentation of the natural art that appears in the garden! There is a special connection between Nature and the tantalizing of our five senses when you allow Nature to be the artist!
Instructor: Debbie Hurlbert-Minard Maximum Enrollment: 26 FULL
Bio: Debbie is the 2016 winner of the AHS Photo Contest (Hosta Close-up); or as the Hosta Journal states: “has won more awards in the photo contest than any other member”. She was also doubly honored as the Gladys Thomas Judge of the Year and as the winner of the Faye Collins McGinnis Designer of the Year at the 87th Convention of the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs.
Class ID: 1015 Title: Beginning Landscape Planning
Details: How to put your landscaping needs into a plan to execute all at once, or over many years.
Instructor: Andrea Machicao Maximum Enrollment: 29
Bio: Andrea is currently a Master Gardener volunteer in Miami County Ohio ready to share her favorite tips. She has learned landscaping by taking classes, reading, and many years of trial and error.
Class ID: 1016 Title: News from the Bat Cave
Details: Come and learn about the world of bats, and particularly the bats in your own backyard. We’ll cover the species diversity in Ohio, the status of our bat populations, and how bats interact with their environment (from gardens to ponds to caves to forests).
Instructor: Bridget Brown Maximum Enrollment: 30
Bio: Bridget Brown works as the Bat Survey Coordinator for the Division of Wildlife. She graduated from Ohio State University in December 2015 with a B.S. in Zoology. Her main responsibilities include the Ohio Bat Roost Monitoring Project, the Ohio Mobile Bat Acoustic Survey, and public outreach events regarding bats.
Class ID: 1017 Title: Fun With Hostas
Details: This class will be all about fun and games.... and of course, prizes! How well do you know your hostas? Limit 50 players/students
Instructor: Jeff Miller Maximum Enrollment: 50
Bio: Jeff Miller is well known as “Mr. Hosta” since he started a ‘retirement’ business in his backyard 11 years ago. Hostas are Jeff’s passion and it shows in his enthusiasm when he talks about his hybridizing program and his hosta business experiences. Jeff makes thousands of crosses each year and grows a million or more seeds in addition to growing thousands of tissue culture plants. Jeff is the owner/operator of Land of the Giants Hosta Farm in Milton, Wisconsin and the originator of the Giantland introductions.