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The help and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages are intended to assist those experiencing difficulties with the Great Lakes Region American Hosta Society web site.

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Question/Comment 1: Does registering with the site automatically register me for Hosta College?
Question/Comment 2 : Do I have to register with the site in order to register for Hosta College?
Question/Comment 3 : Do both my spouse and I have to register?
Question/Comment 4 : I'm having trouble submitting my site registration.
Question/Comment 5 : Do I have to register for every period of Hosta College?
Question/Comment 6 : Do I have to register for lunch?
Question/Comment 7 : Is there a waiting list for closed classes?
Question/Comment 8 : What happens if I fail to pay for my class registration within 10 days?
Question/Comment 9 : What is the refund policy if I am unable to attend Hosta College?
Question/Comment 10 : I am registered with the site but when I go to register for Hosta College it says Registration Closed.
Question/Comment 11: I am able to get logged into the site but I get an error page when trying to go to the Class Registration Page
Question/Comment 12: My companion wants to attend the banquet but will not be attending Hosta College, how do I take care of their registration?
Question/Comment 13: What is the difference between the Hosta College Door Prize and Raffle drawings?


Answer 1 No, registering with the site does not automatically register you for Hosta College. Site registration is always open, Hosta College registration dates are limited. See the Hosta College page for more information concerning college registration dates.

Answer 2 : Unless you use a mail-in registration, you will need to register with the site so that you can login and continue with Hosta College class registration when the registration window opens.

Answer 3 : If you both intend to register for Hosta College, you must both register with the site.

Anwer 4 : Please make sure you are completing all of the required fields.

Answer 5 : Unless you are a teacher or GLHS Board Members, you are required to register for every period. Teachers should not register for their own class as this will reduce the Max seating for the class by 1.

Answer 6 : Everyone is required to register for either 3rd period or 4th period lunch.

Answer 7: There is currently no waiting list procedure for full classes.

Answer 8 : Your class registration is date stamped. If your payment has not been received within 10 days of the registration date stamp your registration may be cancelled. If your registration is cancelled you will need to reregister and you may find that classes you had chosen have since filled.

Answer 9 : We do not issue refunds or cancel Hosta College for bad weather in part of the region. If you are unable to attend, you may wish to arrange for a friend or other substitute to take your place.

Answer 10 : Registration opens in the following order: Teachers, Members of Local Societies, All Others.  Registration times open at 6 am on the date stated.  These dates change year to year and are posted on the main page.

When you registed with the site, you may have failed to select your local society. If this is the case you will be restricted from registering until the open registration date. To correct this do the following:
  1. Login and select Edit Profile from the Welcome page
  2. Scroll down and select your local society from the drop-down list
  3. Click the Submit button
  4. Log out of the site (Required for profile to update)
  5. Log back in

Answer 11: Your browser security setting may be set too high. In Internet Explorer this can be changed by going to Tools, Internet Options, and selecting the Security Tab. Click on the Internet icon (globe) and make sure that your security level is set to either Medium or Medium-Low. If you desire, you can reverse the changes once your registration is complete.

Answer 12: Simply select their Companion Banquet option (Class ID 7004, 7005 or 7006)  when you register for your classes.  Their banquet selection, and associated cost will show up your invoice.

Answer 13: Hosta College Door Prizes:  Upon registering for Hosta College, all individuals are automatically entered in the Door Prize Drawing.  Each person has a chance to win a donated item located near the entrance doors of the facility.  No purchase is necessary.  Winners are posted on a sign during Saturday classes.

                    Hosta College Plant Raffle:  Participation in the Hosta College Plant Raffle is strictly voluntary and requires one to purchase tickets for a chance to wn a hosta.  Tickets are purchased at the raffle table.  Purchased tickets are placed in a container next to pictures of hostas for a chance to win the selected hosta.  On Saturday    afternoon before the end of period six, the winning ticket numbers are recorded on a board next to the raffle table.  Winners pick up the hostas at the raffle table.               

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