How to Register


On the Home page click SITE REGISTRATION link.
Read the information at the top of the page.
Scroll down the form to provide your personal information.

If you need assistance, click WEBMASTER link.

Make sure that your information is correct.
Write down your username and password.  These are required to log in when it is time to register for classes.
Make sure that you have indicated which local society you belong to.  If you do not currently have a membership in a local society, leave blank.
Click the link to SUBMIT your SITE REGISTRATION form.
Return to the HOME page.


Classes will be posted about the third week of January.

On the HOME page click on HOSTA COLLEGE then CLASS LIST.
You can choose to view the classes by Periods or by Complete List.
You may want to make a list of classes you wish to attend or print off the entire CLASS LIST.

In case a class fills before you register, you may want to select an alternative class for each Period.

You will find the REGISTRATION DATES in the right hand column of the HOME page.

STEP THREE:  REGISTER FOR HOSTA COLLEGE  ( Registration will open at 6 am )

When registration opens ( 6 am ) go to the HOME page and click the LOGIN link.
Press SITE LOGIN.   If you have forgotten your USERNAME OR PASSWORD press the appropriate link.
Read the top instructions very carefully.  Then fill in the username and password that you created when you set up your account in STEP ONE.

On the CLASS REGISTRATION page you will select one class for each period;  ie:  one 1000 class, one 2000 class, one 3000 class or lunch, etc.
If you plan to attend the banquet on Saturday evening, make your banquet choice.
This form becomes your invoice.  Right click on the page, select PRINT  and make two copies of your invoice.  Mail one copy with your payment and keep
the second copy for your records. 
Remember to check back before Hosta College to reprint your invoice which will now show the classroom numbers for each period.