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What are the tips for caring for a rose ?

Roses, like other plants, need to be treated properly to prevent them from fading. So, what treatment does the rose need to avoid fading? Here are the tips to adopt for the good care of a rose.

Prepare your vase well

The rose is a decorative and fragrant rose flower. It belongs to the Rosaceae family and is generally fragrant. Its typical species has a corolla of five petals, originally very pale red, an oval or rounded calyx, numerous stamens and is a flower from which countless varieties are derived in terms of colour and shape. As such, it needs to be well cared for. First of all, the vase must be well prepared. Indeed, it is important that the rose vase is disinfected for several minutes with a 5% bleach solution and then with hot soapy water and once the rose is placed in the vase, it must be kept cool. In addition, if the stem of your rose has not been cut diagonally, it is up to you to do so to allow it to absorb water. You should also moisturise it and refrigerate it for an hour in a cool dark room to extend its life.

Provide enough water and store it well

To care for your rose properly and not let it fade, you must water it well. Water is indeed a very important parameter in the conservation of the fresh rose. To this end, the quality of the water is not negligible to preserve the rose and to keep it as long as possible, its vase must be deep and its stem long enough to absorb the water. It should also be noted that it absorbs ambient water better than cold or fresh water. The water must therefore be at room temperature. You can also preserve the rose by stabilising or fossilising it. This is the silica gel method. For this purpose, you should choose the rose when it is dry because a wet rose will have its imperfections accentuated with this method. Finally, these tips will help you to maintain your rose.



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