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What equipment is needed for gardening ?

In order to do gardening, it is essential to have certain necessary tools. So what tools are needed? This section describes the equipment that a gardener needs to have before starting to garden.

Pruning shears and garden gloves

Gardening is the art and practice of planting, sowing and maintaining the plants that make up a garden in good conditions to ensure their development. It is also the cultivation of gardens, especially of food and decorative plants. To do this, you need certain tools. First of all, you must have a pair of secateurs and garden gloves. Indeed, the secateurs are the noble, indispensable tool of the gardener. They can be used at any time when a stem is sticking out and is detrimental to the development and appearance of a plant. There are two types of pruning shears: the classic pruning shear and the anvil pruning shear. Garden gloves protect your hands from thorns and pests. Hands are the gardener’s first tools and are therefore very precious. You should therefore choose gloves that are suitable for gardening.

The garden spade, the rake and the spading fork

The spading tool is a small tool with a handle that has two opposing iron parts: a tongue and a tip. The tongue is in fact a pointed part that allows the furrows to be opened and the soil to be scoured superficially. As for the purlin, it is square and allows small holes to be opened. The rake, with its short, perpendicular tines, is used to remove stones and to cut the furrows closed after sowing. It can also be used to smooth out stones in a yard and remove dead leaves from a lawn. It is an indispensable tool for the gardener in that it helps to level the soil before the tools. Finally, the spading fork is the basic tool for working the soil and, in particular, for turning over heavy and stony soils. And don’t forget to clean it after use. In conclusion, it is important that the gardener has all the necessary equipment before starting to garden.




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